Medieval towns with superb gardens and villas freely laid out streets, stunning gothic churches charming coastal villages, Medieval Moorish castles and mysterious prehistoric remains (erected for fertility rites or solar observations).


Guided visit of prehistoric remains, Roman Ruins and Temples: Cividade of Terroso (settlement founded during the Bronze Age in Póvoa de Varzim); Cromlech of Almendres, Menhir of Almendres, Dolmen of Zambujeiro and Escorial Caves in Alentejo; Dólmen Chapel of São Brissos; Vale Foz Côa (in Douro ); Conimbriga (the largest excavated roman Site in Portugal from the 2nd century b.c); Roman Temple in Évora… 

Guided visit of Historic Villages and Castles: Guimarães, Sernancelhe in Beira, Monsanto, Sortelha (ringed by 12th walls), Piódão (Dark schist and Slate Hamlets), Valença, Almeida, Castelo Novo(Guardunha Hills), Marialva ( rocky Hillside), Trancoso, Belmonte, Soajo,Linhares da Beira (Serra da Estrela), Castro D’Aire Village, Sintra’s Moorish Castle, Almourol Castle, Saint Jorge Castle in Lisbon (8th century)  Obidos’ Castle, Sesimbra’s Castle, Palmela’s Castle, Arouce’s Castle (11th century in Lousã), Penedono’s Castle in Sernancelhe…


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